Portrait Pricing:

Pricing for Sittings are based on location and number of individuals (four legged ones included as one individual)!

Family Sittings (up to 4 individuals):     $140 for 90 minutes sitting,   alternate times available at $40 for each 1/2 hour

Senior, Engagement and Maternity (just Mom&Dad) Portraits:    $120 for 60 minutes, alternate times available at $30 for each 1/2 hour

Additional individuals in each Photo:    $12.00 per 1/2 hour per peson

Printed Items pricing can be viewed on price list buy clicking the 'buy' button on any photo.

All shoots include location inside of 20 mile radius of Seattle.   Locations can be changed with additional charges.

Hair and Makeup are to be ready to go at the start of the shoot.  Additional services for hair and/or makeup prior to shoot can be added for additional fees.