Trina Huston Photography: Blog en-us (C) Trina Huston Photography [email protected] (Trina Huston Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:08:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:08:00 GMT Trina Huston Photography: Blog 96 120 See The Difference - Why Hire a Professional Photographer when everyone has an iPhone? If I had a quarter for every time someone says this when they find out that I am a professional photographer... until they see my work!  Let's face it, today's cell phones are perfectly adequate to capture those spontaneous moments we all share as friends and families,  they record times that you don't want to lose for good, they work for remembering things that you otherwise may not.  But in reality,  cherishing the behavior and personality of your loved ones in a well balanced and composed shot that makes you smile each time you see it, is hard to get with that small little lens on the back of your phone. 

Professional Photographers spend years analyzing light, composition, personality traits, lines and angles, backgrounds... and all other items you simply just don't see when you hold your phone up, shoulder height and pointed at the subject in front of you and yell.   "Smile"!! 

Next time you really want to see the difference, and you are wondering if you should spend that money on those memories that you will cherish forever, go online and type in any portrait images on Google,  then go through your images on your phone and you will see the differences.  Look at the backgrounds, at the light, at the angles of the arms and legs, at the sun shining from behind your subject, not in their faces causing them to squint. 

It's not always necessary to have Professional Photos by any means!  Those phone images are unmistakably cherished for as long as you have them as well!   But when you are ready for those shots to have that extra touch that you can share and keep on your wall forever, find a good Professional Photographer to lend a hand.  That's what we are here for.  We love capturing emotions and even more, we love to see our clients smile and appreciate the incredible photos we deliver!   If you would like to book a shoot for any occasion, you can reach my contact page at

Happy Shooting!!

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Holidays, Politics and Family Photos This Holiday Season seems to be especially difficult for those with strong political values, and for families with differences in opinions...  It can turn downright ugly! 

There are some that are not able to be around their family during the Holiday Season and would give up so much just to be able to see the most important people in their lives.  They rely on photos for now,  hoping that one day they can all join together again!  Maybe their dreams didn't quite work out as planned.  Or maybe people have just moved on and go forward with lives in different places.  Some have had family that have passed and there will only be photos and memories to turn to.  Either way it is just as difficult. 

If those lucky family members that do get to spend this time together can be aware and appreciate the ties that bind you rather than those that divide you, a great Holiday season is certainly in store for you! 

Just imagine how great it can be if we all can let the politics go for a day or two, rely on the inclusion of the people you have relied on your whole life to be there until the end.  Even if you are not together often,  you are bound by heart, by family ties. 

Merry Chirstmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!


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"I hate posing for Photos!!" How many times does a photographer hear these words?  If you're shooting Family, Engagement, Maternity,  any types of portraits using human beings, you're going to find that there are always those that 'hate the way the look' when they pose for photos!

The Seattle area provides so many places to photograph where people can be themselves, laugh, smile, jump, dance,  whatever they feel when they are out an about our wonderful city! 

I have recently discovered, after shooting many clients, that when they come to view their photos, they smile more when they see the fun shots from the shoot, and are more critical of their looks when they view their posed portraits. 

That should say something about our lives in general.  Have fun,  dance like nobody is watching, and don't try and pose for others they way you expect they would want to see you....  Capture what you love, love what you do... and do what you love!

It's that simple!

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